It is easier than ever to earn money working from home (or beach in Bali) in this day and age. All you need is a computer and some skills. But what if you don’t have any special skills? Don’t worry, there’s freelancing work for you too! Freelancing is not only about providing advanced skills, but also freeing up the customer’s time from mundane tasks, they don’t have the time (or energy) to deal with. On freelancing platform Fiverr, you can find gigs such as:

»I can provide you with 20 business names for your new business«,

»I can be your virtual assistant«,

»I can manage your Instagram account«,

»I can add subtitles to your videos«,

»I can do a data entry for you«.

Sounds like something you could do? Hop on to Fiverr to earn some quick money! The registration is completely free!


People are busier than ever and cars can sometimes get neglected. But what everyone loves is to sit in a fresh, clean car while driving. Keeping a car trash-free is one thing, but there is so much more a car detailing specialist can do. Deep cleaning the carpets, dusting the vents and every nook and cranny of the car, renewing the old and murky headlights, reviving the look of the leather…

If you love cars, this just might be the perfect gig for you.


Do you love to capture the world around you? Are you always recording your adventures? Why won’t you turn your passion into a full time business? Cameras have better recording capabilities than ever, networking is easier than ever and don’t forget a drone photography that can turn your average shots into amazing wanderlust-inspiring creations. Videography can also be a highly lucrative career, with the amount content that is currently needed in all aspects of life (social media, regular news, weddings and large events,… etc.)


A career, that really does rely on your skills – personal chef! A lot of people can cook, but are you really skilled and enjoy seeing other people enjoying your meals? The role of personal chef is lucrative from the start, since your employer will not be someone who can’t afford to pay you in the first place. And the best thing is that you can literally sell your way into the career with samples of your best work. Who doesn’t love an amazing food samples?


There is something anyone is good at. Math, languages, physics, chemistry, biology, you name it. There is always somebody that knows less than you about the subject and that would really appreciate your help. Browse local university or high school sites and offer tutoring services to the students. Everybody will appreciate your help.


There are hundreds of people in your town that are moving in or out of their apartments daily and a lot of them don’t have a vehicle to transport large objects. An old van is not that large of an investment, but it can pay for itself many times over if you use it for your moving company. Think about all the students alone that move in and out of their apartments at the end of every university semester and most of them don’t have a vehicle at all. Take advantage of this profitable business model, before somebody snatches it!


Do you regularly exercise to maintain a healthy body? Why wouldn’t you earn some money while you do that? There are a lot of busy people who simply can’t find the time to take their dogs for daily walks and would be happy to pay for you to take their pet on a nice long walk. Knock on some neighbor’s doors and ask them if they need any help with their pet. They would be happy to invest in the health of their pet and you get a cute fluffy walking buddy on your daily exercise regimen. A win-win situation!


Are you multilingual? Your language skills could be highly sought after! In a today’s worldwide market a company from Australia might want to reach out to a German customer. A small startup from India might want to expand to the Italian market. While English is an universal language, there are still millions of people who speak only their national language and will need a translation to connect to their audiences. You can offer your services through online translation agencies such as Smartcat, Fiverr or OneHourTranslation.

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