What is your returns policy?

We accept return requests 14 days from the day of purchase. Just send us an email within 14 days of purchase to info@getinspiredinc.com and we will arrange the return/refund for you. Please note that we don’t issue a return/refund if you would like to change the size of the T-Shirt. The shirts are hand made and printed just for you an are therefore an unique item, made especially for you. That is due to our mission to reduce the amount of waste and pollution. There is a detailed size chart for our T-Shirts next to every shirt, so please study it carefully before purchasing, to minimize the waste and environmental impact, by avoiding returns.

Is the shipping still free if I order 2 or more T-Shirts?

Of course! All our T-shirts, regardless of the amount are shipped for free!

What is included in the price of my shirt?

The cost of your T-Shirts includes a FREE worldwide shipping as well as ensures to the worker’s rights and eco-friendly mission. By purchasing our T-shirt, you are contributing to quality living conditions of the workers (all of the people working on your garment are paid above the national living wage, regardless of age), decreased environmental impact (your T-shirt is custom made, thus minimizing the amount of waste) and recyclable waste (your T-shirt is folded into a clear, biodegradable poly bag and shipped in a grey recyclable mailing bag).

Can I order an accessory and T-Shirt at the same time and pay for them together?

Yes and No. You can order the accessories through our partner and T-Shirts through our website. But they have to be paid for separately: T-Shirts through our website and accessories through our partner’s website. Why? Because we would like to ensure the fastest and safest delivery of your purchase. Our T-Shirts are sent worldwide from our warehouse in United Kingdom, while the accessories are shipped from our partner’s warehouses in Europe and United States. This ensures the fastest delivery to your address, as well as the safest (mugs and other fragile items are exposed to shorter shipping times and therefore less likely to get damaged in the transport). We understand this may cause some inconvenience for some of you, but we would like to enable you the highest quality products. We specialize in selling printed T-Shirts, while our partner excels at printing on accessories, so we opted to provide nothing but the best quality for you in exchange for the minor inconvenience of paying for the items separately. You are of course free to order only T-Shirts (or only accessories) and the payment would have to be done only at one place. Please see our partner’s website for their Terms of Service and shipping times.

What are your shipping times?

Every item is custom made for you and is a unique item (we don’t believe in wastefully mass-producing the items at the cost of cheap labor). The workers that produce your garments are paid above the national living wage, regardless of age. Hence the production time for your unique item are 3-5 business days and the shipping times vary by your destination ( 1 to 3 working days for UK deliveries, 3 to 5 working days for Europe and 7 to 10 for the rest of the world). The orders are shipped from the facility in United kingdom, so keep in mind there might be additional custom’s charges on your order, depending on you county’s policies.

Tell me more about your eco-friendly mission.

We strive to produce your garments in the most eco- friendly way possible. Here is how we are following our mission:

The packaging used to ship our T-Shirts is 100% plastic free and eco-friendly. Our packing slips are printed on thick, recycled paper. Clothing is folded into a clear, biodegradable poly bag and shipped in a grey recyclable mailing bag.

Inks used to print your design are vegan and eco-friendly! That means:

  • No toxins in the ink.
  • No animal by-products used to create the ink, and not tested on animals.
  • Safe for use on products for both adults and children..
  • The DTG printers use only water-based inks. They’re OEKOTEX® approved (they don’t contain any regulated or unregulated chemicals harmful to the environment).
  • All of the people working on your garment are paid above the national living wage, regardless of age.
  • All the excess and waste cardboard and paper produced is recycled.
  • Waste ink is unavoidable, but is disposed of responsibly.
  • Failed prints are also unavoidable, but all products that fail quality checks are donated to charity. 

Can I add personalized message to my T-Shirt?

Unfortunately no. Our ordering purchase is automated, so at the moment you click “buy” the order is already sent to our production facility to be fulfilled. Thank you for understanding.